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≥PC ?

true or false?

tell me why.
i can see for miles: you know you can plug pretty much any mouse into a mca, thats just the one that comes with it…

and, contrary to popular belief, there IS a right click

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2 Responses to “≥PC ?”

  1. Heart-Shaped Goat is bored... said :

    What is bigger than PC?
    My answer is ***********************************

    Seriously, what did you mean?

    EDIT: Oh, wait, is that an Apple logo? Because on my computer, I saw a blank rectangle and I can’t see the thing you wrote… My Internet hasn’t this font…

  2. I Can See For Miles* said :

    I like that cool apple symbol 🙂
    FALSE!! I don’t like the mouse that come with macs. Too dodgy.


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