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android apps????????

i recently had to make the hardest desision of my life. i had to decide between the eris and the droid. i went with the eris, im prety sure they all run on the same apps since there androids but if not let me know. i need to know some awesome apps. tell me your favorite and ill give it a shot.
i also need to know some of the best iphone apps my best friends getting a iphone and shed like to know some apps also. -thanks(:

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2 Responses to “android apps????????”

  1. Mark Clarke said :

    Well yes they have the same apps, cause like you said they r both androids. and idk what its called but i remember my friend telling me about an app on the droid and if you put it up to anything it will tell you what it is. And for the iphone there are tons of great apps and you just have to search for what your looking for!

  2. Kell Raezz said :

    *advanced task killer , kills all yur apps so it doesnt run dwn yur battery
    *yellow pages , type in any place yu want . or type in like “pizza place” it will tell yu the number , how many miles away it is , where its at , make sure yu put in yur location .
    *mototorch , its a flash light , it has a wedgit , so look in yur widggtsss ayu cn cut it on with one touch.
    *handcent sms , messagess , its awsome yu can do yur messages like the iphonee .
    *bluff my call , a fun prank call , yu can prank call yur friendd but yu can use a diff numberr , or a made up onee , yu can record the prank , only last two minutess and there is like a 30 sec advertisement b4 it calls , yu can change yur voicee

    hope tht helpedd

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