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Are there any good free msn android apps?

hi i am getting a htc desire hd tomorrow running android 2.2 froyo

and i was wondering if there are any good free msn messenger apps

and can android 2.2 froyo get viruses and do google make sure the person who made the app wont steal your password?


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3 Responses to “Are there any good free msn android apps?”

  1. Jason said :

    Rather then using a third-party app have you taken a look at Windows Live Mobile. It can be found by going to this link:

    You can use this page to get Microsoft to send you a link directly to you phone so you can get the Windows Live for Mobile applications.

    In case you are in the US here is the US link:

    You can also go to the Windows LIve Essentials Mobile web-site at:

    Or if you prefer you can just do a Bing search for “Windows Live Mobile” and it will be pretty easy to find. You can also jump directly to the Bing search for “Windows Live Mobile” by following this link:

    You can also go to directly to the Bing search for Windows Live Essentials, by clicking on this link:

    Using the Windows Live Mobile Apps will be far better then trying to download a third-party app, as you know these apps are coming directly from a trusted source (i.e – Microsoft and Windows Live)

  2. Annie said :

    Hi,are you worry about msn password stolen?although I didn’t know any msn android apps, i can suggest you a professional password recovery tool which can easily crack the unknown msn password.if you need,get it from its official website:

  3. Shara said :

    Hi Cammie,

    There are a bunch of MSN Messenger apps for Android:

    Hope that helps!


    Shara at Appolicious


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