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Can downloading torrent slow down your computer?

I have 1 internet connection and 2 computers that use it in the same room. 1 is a laptop,and the main 1 is a desktop. Every time I play my mmorpg (Maplestory) on the desktop and my big brother is downloading torrent my computer slows down dramatically. The only connection between the 2 computers is the internet connection. I just wanna know what is the cause of my desktop slowing down.

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4 Responses to “Can downloading torrent slow down your computer?”

  1. Chris A said :

    yeah it will definitely slow down your internet connection, other than that its not resource heavy as far as programs go

  2. ANIKET P said :

    Torrent uses the most of the internet traffic, because it is connected to p2p server. it needs to download files and coalesce on one pc.

  3. seanshaffer69 said :

    Downloading torrents uses most of the bandwidth of an internet connection. The connection between your computer and the other computer is shared, meaning that the max bandwidth is shared between them. If he is downloading torrents, your computer will slow down, simply because your computer has less bandwidth to work with. Have your brother wait to download his torrents until before he goes to sleep, that way his torrent downloads do not interfere with your gameplay

  4. beckiiiiiiiiii said :

    your bro’s torrent downloading is hogging all of your bandwidth for your internet connection
    since you need a lot of bandwidth for your MMORPG, (cuz it needs a bunch of bandwidth too) it will go slower, cuz it cant load things as fast.


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