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Can having too many favorites make your computer slow?

I have a thing on my Internet Explorer where I can save my favorite web sites or pages. I have quite a lot of them. I was just wondering can having too many make your computer slow?

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3 Responses to “Can having too many favorites make your computer slow?”

  1. Madman6510 said :

    No, they’re just links, it doesn’t do anything to your speed.

  2. Tenax said :

    To slow down your pc you really need a lot of them, but it is possible (they have to be in RAM to be displayed, and must be loaded from harddrive which takes time) .
    Before you notice a slowdown though you might have problems with the display of all the favorites. If you create different sub-directories inside your favorites, your pc does not need to load all of them each time you click there, but just those inside that directory, so this might help a bit.

    They dont have any impact on the general speed of the pc though, just when using the browser.

  3. spencer said :

    nope not at all.


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