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Can i use a 54Mb Wifi adapter to run YouTube on my Laptop from my Router ?

Can someone please tell me, if i buy a 54Mb Wifi adapter, will it run even video’s smoothly on my Laptop. Or do i need a faster one ? Very grateful to all who give their time to reply.

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5 Responses to “Can i use a 54Mb Wifi adapter to run YouTube on my Laptop from my Router ?”

  1. bluesky said :


  2. Diablo said :

    You will most likely get some buffering if they are longer videos even if you were connected directly to to the router via CAT5.

    You best options for a wireless setup are to ensure you are running an 802.11N router and network adapter.

    Both Linksys as well as Netgear and a few others will have these for sale.

  3. DrKK said :

    Oh sure, 54 Mbps is MORE THAN ENOUGH to run youtube videos.

    Hell, son, you’re lucky if the youtube site itself even SENDS you data at more than .5 to 1 Mbps, so you’re way fine.

  4. Tom said :

    54Mbps is raw speed with no overheads in perfect conditions (and only in the downlink). These will never happen outside of the lab.

    With WPA on, interference from other WiFi points and all the other gubbins you’re probably going to see 1/3 of that rate.

    Which is still fast enough to stream pretty much whatever the average user will want.

    I bought my parents one and they never have aproblem with youtube or iplayer etc

  5. Jack kelly said :

    Thanks for your opinions youve helped me choose the correct usb wifi adaptor thanks


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