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Can you download apps on the Android phone without a plan?

If I have the Android and I want to use it not like a phone but as an iTouch, and I want to know- can I still use it to download apps & use WiFi? Please answer only if you are experienced, and fast, as I have to make my decision before tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Can you download apps on the Android phone without a plan?”

  1. colinreilly90_3 said :

    no because they send it to your phone.

  2. robby said :

    Yes you can download apps to your phone without a plan. You will have to search harder, but there are websites out there that allow you download the app to your computer. Then with a USB cable connected from your computer to your phone, you copy the files to your cell phone and install them. Simple as that.

    Check on is one site you can download to your PC. Just search for files that have a .apk at the end.


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