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Do animated pics used for desktop background slow your computer?

I want to use free screensavers I downloaded but heard it might slow my comp down. I also heard that animated gifs slow your computer down too. Any truth to this?☺

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5 Responses to “Do animated pics used for desktop background slow your computer?”

  1. wormy said :


    they take more memory to run
    and the less memory you have available, the slower u pc runs

    and ul also get slower startup

  2. zack said :

    yes actually alot, unless u have vista then it wont matter that much

  3. Jed L said :

    Vista ultimate has a program called Dreamscene. Dreamscene allows you to have amimated backgrounds but it slows down the computer due to the use of more system resources. So back to your question, yes it would maybe even dramatically slow down your pc unless you have a powerfull pc.

  4. Brett P said :

    The animation will slow your computer down, yes. I’m sure that this would be mitigated by having a better video card, though, as the work being done to animate would be done by the card.

  5. Nibu Tom said :

    You didn’t mention about your system’s memmory capacity..

    If your system have a good memmory, there is no problem for setting animated screen savers/wallpapers..


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