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Do flashdrives slow down the computer’s speed?

I keep 2 flashdrives plugged into my computer in order to save much of my work and also my pictures. Does having flashdrives plugged into the computer slow down the speed of the computer?

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6 Responses to “Do flashdrives slow down the computer’s speed?”

  1. Richard S said:


    If you’re running windows 7, or windows vista, you can actually set it up to use them as extra ram, thus making your computer faster, possibly. Look into using readyboost.

  2. buGGedDown said:

    not at all. i also have a flashdrive always plugged in on my pc and i don’t notice any slowdowns caused by it.

  3. blamay22000 said:

    Not unless they are infected with malware

  4. Max said:

    No, if you are not accessing it then it doesn’t affect computer speed at all.

  5. Tanzan said:

    Usually flash drives will not slow down your computer. But it depends how fast your computer is. If you have a fast computer, the amount of power your flash drives take from your computer will be so minimal you won’t see it. On the other hand if you’ve got a slower computer the flash drives may slow your computer a little bit.

    Either way the flash drives basically don’t slow your computer. Though be careful on leaving them in your computer for hours and hours straight because they may overheat.

  6. Disturbed said:

    Something a bit un-related to your question..
    Maybe something minor to keep in mind, some viruses have the tendency to infect and spread accross different hard drives and including USB’s like your flashdrive. So lets say a specific virus infects your comp, it can infect your flashdrive aswell without you knowing. So lets say you disconnected the flashdrive, removed the virus off your PC, put your flashdrive back in and it can re-infect your comp OR another scenario is that the virus will jump from drive to drive making it harder to remove OR that you put the flashdrive into another computer and infect that one. Just something to keep in mind incase of the rare event of that ever happening.

    It just that I’ve dealt with some viruses before and they are extremely annoying. That’s one of the things to look out for that can make it a lot more frustrating.


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