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Do website icons on my desktop slow my computer?

Whenever I come across a product, place or thing that I think i’ll have future interest in, I send a website icon to my desktop so it’s “saved”. I now have tons of website icons on my desktop and in organized folders. Does having all of these website links on my desktop slow the operation of the computer?

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3 Responses to “Do website icons on my desktop slow my computer?”

  1. blamay22000 said :

    Wouldnt bookmarks or favorites be alot easier?

  2. seven_up_the_uncola said :

    Hello ,

    I haven’t heard that they would . However they can be a security risk .

  3. Table said :

    There are MANY reasons for computer slow downs:
    not enough memory
    too many programs starting up with windows at boot up time
    too many junk files
    too many restore points

    Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.
    Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software’s, install new devices,
    download files from the web, etcetera, hence embarking all records in the registry system.
    This is normal, but it is not wise to leave it untouched.
    Once in a while, you have to check and remove files that are no longer in use to maintain the speed of your PC.
    Clean registry make pc faster.


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