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does a slow computer effect the internet connection?

My modem/router are connected to a VERY slow computer, the computer stays off 24/7, is the slowness of the computer whats effecting my online game play on my ps3? Also the connection for my laptop dies often. Is this the slow computer they are connected to Or should i just get a new router?

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5 Responses to “does a slow computer effect the internet connection?”

  1. timberlandguitar said :

    i have the same problem so i would say yes

  2. Adeline said :

    Yes definitely a slow computer effect the internet connection, Scan system with an updated AVG and also scan it with reginout type of registry cleaner and pc optimizer.

  3. Lyne said :


  4. Convenstion Gconvenstions said :

    If your PC is running slow and you want to make it faster, I recommend you to check your pc heath online first, then you can know why it is slow
    and fix easily..

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  5. Readyto Readyto said :

    Pc registry Errors cause pc slow down or pc errors.
    Clean your Registry can make your computer faster


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