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Does downgrade from Vista to XP make your computer slow?

I am sick of my windows vista and recently found out you can downgrade to Windows XP, if i do this will it make my computer slow? And it people are looking to buy a Vista then downgrade should they buy a low-priced or expensive computer?

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7 Responses to “Does downgrade from Vista to XP make your computer slow?”

  1. Joshua B said :

    The change in OS will not affect how your computer runs. it will have the same hardware and the same speed.

  2. choteau_mt_guy said :

    Nope, when done right it will speed it up a LOT.

    Vista has a lot more overhead running in the background than XP.

  3. Aaron said :

    generally windows XP uses less system resources then windows vista so it should be faster. The only feature that windows vista has over windows XP that would allow the computer to speed up is readyboost which allows the OS use a usb flash drive as virtual ram.

    Downgrading an OS would cause have you to completely reformating the hard drive, and then install the Xp versions of your drivers for your hardware. Beware that if you don’t install the drivers your hardware will not work anymore.

    However I don’t you would need to do this unless you plan on making a gaming computer as it would really be waste of money and time. Also windows XP OEM disk will cost about 100 dollars to get

  4. durtyboy16 said :

    no it would actually run better and faster cuz vista uses to much of the comp. and xp doesnt

  5. John L said :

    No, the downgrade will not make your computer slow. It actuaklly might speed it up.

    First, I would back up all the data on your computer. Next, reset your computer to stock, clearing everything. Finally install the new XP OS. Now your starting from sqare 1.

    Set up your new system with good maintanence utilities like Defrag (I recommend Diskeeper), registry cleaner, antivirus, etc.

    Lastly, buy a computer based on you needs. Why don’t you just by a computer with XP, then you don’t have to thru the downgrade process and it will probably be cheaper.

  6. cool breeze said :

    downgrading to XP will actually speed up your puter because the XP uses much less memory than than hog doggy Vista, good move

  7. anna_smith_07 said :

    I had my computer that i got for christmas downgraded from vista to xp today.

    i achually noticed since the first time i turned it on that its about 75% Faster.

    Vista uses a stupid amount of power just to produce the visual effects as a business person this does not appeal to me at all and i prefer the look of windows xp over vista any day

    But no if anything this will make your computer much much faster!


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