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Does having a large playlist slow your computer down?

I share my computer with my boyfriend and it is very slow. He has 100 songs on his playlist posted on my space. Could this cause the computer to be slow?

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5 Responses to “Does having a large playlist slow your computer down?”

  1. John D said :

    do you mean an online playlist on his online MySpace profile?

    That would not slow the computer until you get to that particular web page.

    You might have to edit your question to for a better explaination.

  2. Nicole said :

    I wouldn’t think it would slow it down if its on his myspace, but if its saved to your actual computer or hard drive, then yes, it can definitly slow it down…

  3. daniel e said :

    yes it does. the best thing you can do is put them on a disk, mp3 player or whatever. your computer would run more smooth if you took all the music off and ran a efrag like 10 times in a row to put all the files with alike files. that way when you are on your computer and you are in a hurry, your computer runs through all the alike files and it can just skip them and just go straight to the type of file you are looking for. that would speed the process up a lot.

  4. Cooper S said :

    no because it is not on the hard drive. it is on a Internet server so when some one on my space listens to it. there listening to the music stored on the sever hard drive. not yours.

  5. Debian Linux Geek said :

    The more crap you have on myspace the longer it will take to load.


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