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does having a lot of space used on your computer slow it down?

I have a VERY slow running computer,and it never was like this,i have over 2,000 songs on here and like over 50 movies.i was wondering if ths stuff slows it down a lot …anyany ways to help speed my computer up will be good.

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8 Responses to “does having a lot of space used on your computer slow it down?”

  1. Mike said :

    Sure, all of that data will slow things down.

    Either add more memory to your system, or delete some of those files.

  2. T-Mobile Helper said :

    No that does not slow your computer down, running a lot of application at once and not cleaning up the registry or cache really slows down a computer try using a piece of software called CCleaner and then defrag your hard drive and run disk cleanup.

  3. Ren said :

    Yes. The more Hard Drive space you use, the harder it is for your CPU to find the information it needs. It is the same as trying to find a book in a small library or the library of congress. First, make sure you defragment your hard drives frequently. If that doesn’t help, it is time for a bigger hard drive.

  4. poolekiteman said :

    If you have that much stuff on it, you must have had it for quite a while?
    How often do you do “PC housekeeping”?
    If you run regular virus scans, then it will take a very long time, as it has to check every song and movie file, in addition to all the usual system files.
    May I suggest that you think about archiving some of your stuff to USB memory stick (16GB for £7 GB) or DVD, and take them off your HDD?
    A visit to might prove enlightening, and show you where any problems lie – do not feel that you have to buy any of their utilities!
    Also, here is a link to one of my web pages, with a lot of useful stuff, all free.
    and finally, if you are thinking of a RAM upgrade, try the Crucial system checker – good luck!

  5. Andrew S said :

    Your files system is probably NTFS which does begin to slow down, particularly at writes, when it is more than about 90% full, as free space becomes more difficult to find. If less than that the amount of data on your drive is basically an irrelevance to how fast it runs assuming the drive is relatively defragmented.

  6. sivan said :

    Have you defragged in a while? Get rid of unwanted programs, run diskcleanup and defrag using a good program like Diskeeper. It’s the best out there. If your drive is severely fragmented or has less than 15% free space, just set it to automatic mode, it will defrag in the background without any conflict.

  7. Celeste said :

    You slow computer is not due to your too many mp3 songs. Often times, the main reason why your computers slow down, freeze and experience sluggish performance is because there are simply too many unwanted files being stored in your computer’s hard drive. Some of these files overlap each other due to corrupted file names. In this scenario, you really need a dose of the best registry cleaner in the market.

    By using the best registry cleaner software to clean up your computer registry and fix registry errors in your computer, you will be able to speed up your computer and fix slow computer. To download a free trial registry cleaner software, visit

  8. aleksandr.thebestworkero said :


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