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Does heavy traffic on the Internet slow your computer down?

For example, we’ve got AT&T high speed internet service, which they told me is DSL service. Does it slow down your computer more if a million nearby people are using it at a given time, rather than just one guy down the street, or isn’t there any impact on computer speed?

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5 Responses to “Does heavy traffic on the Internet slow your computer down?”

  1. Bex said :

    yes every 1 slowing my internet down , too many online

  2. mustanger said :

    Yes. The more people who are trying to access a server or an individual site at one time will greatly affect the speed with your computer can gain access or can download items.

  3. Dimo J said :

    Heavy traffic on the Internet *cannot* slow down your computer.
    Heavy traffic on the Internet can slow your Internet access speed.

    Your access to the Internet is via ADSL to the DSLAM, either in the central office or a remote hub. You are the only person using your DSL line, a million nearby people will not affect you.

    The DSLAM connects to the ATM network which is a major backbone and well able to support all of the traffic connected to it. It has to. Some of that traffic has performance guarantees and AT&T does not want to pay people for their lack of performance.

    The ATM network connects you to the Internet in a large Internet hub designed to handle all the traffic going through. Once onto the Internet you have to deal with slow servers etc.. But that is more dependent upon the usage of that server than any amount of nearby people. If you are a gamer you will have a latency issue caused by the physical distance between you and the game server — even at the speed of light in a fiber it takes time to travel a thousand miles.

  4. ,,,,,, said :

    Yes from 3:30 through 6 PM on business days.

  5. T said :

    No it doesn’t slow YOUR computer down -it’s processing speed is still the same. It reduces the rate you can download/upload information at.


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