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Does installing multiple Sims 2 Games slow a computer down?

My step sister is a huge fan of the Sims 2 games and she has like literally 8 she wants to install on the computer, so i was wondering if this would slow the computer down to a noticeable speed.

What are the sytem requirements: the Sim2 games or the actual computer’s?

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8 Responses to “Does installing multiple Sims 2 Games slow a computer down?”

  1. Cheese said :

    I have all the sims 2 games on a small memory laptop and it is a great speed

  2. curiousnovice said :

    It shouldn’t as long as you meet the system requirments.

  3. Stevie N said :

    Yeppers it sure will. I would suggest getting a external hard drive and downloading the games onto it instead.

  4. ♥Laura♥ said :

    Actually, they do slow down the speed quite a bit. But there are other ways to increase your speed, such as getting higher memory cards, using a spray can with air in it to get the dust out of the monitor, and various other ways to speed up your computer for this. Just be super careful when handling these things – they’re very fragile!

  5. Earth2Dee said :

    Oooookay… well, to be clear, putting your games on an external hard disk is not going to prevent your computer slowing down from the installation of more expansion packs. Blowing dust out of your monitor does nothing at all for the speed at which a machine runs.

    Keep in mind the only thing that will slow down is the game itself, not the PC. The computer will only slow down in general because of things that take up processing power, memory or cause drive fragmentation.

    If the game isn’t running, the PC won’t be slow just because it’s installed. If you don’t already, you should periodically defragment your hard disks as part of regular maintenance, whether it tells you it needs it or not. This will help disk performance.

    You will find the disk defrag tool under System Tools, or by going into drive properties.

    What specifically affects game performance are Expansion Packs, much more than Stuff Packs. The worst offenders are Seasons (because of visual weather effects) and Bon Voyage (for all the NPCs it instantly creates in your neighborhood files. If she uses custom content, this can slow the game down if she has a lot of it installed.

    You can check on the EA site for the system requirements for the games here:

    You don’t need the fanciest video card, as long as it does shading, but you do need the minimum CPU recommended. The Sims is very CPU intensive.

    If it gets dicey and slows down for her while playing, try reducing the ingame visual effects so less video, CPU and memory are used.

  6. Slink said :

    I have EVERY expansion and stuff pack of the game so I can give you an honest answer here. My computer did slow down with this many programs however the part that will cause major lag would be custom content. If you can keep her a way from downloading content for her game then you will be just fine.

  7. july girl said :

    Learn how to clean up your computer and speed it up here:
    <-- Good luck!

  8. k3v1n said :

    yea it will i got the sims 2 and 3 and they both really slowed down my computer like i cant even see the options when i right click


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