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Does Kaspersky internet security make you computer slow?

Im thinking abou buying kaspersky internet security but i heard that it will make you computer slow. Is that true? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Does Kaspersky internet security make you computer slow?”

  1. JIM said :

    Never used it due to negative feedback.
    I use Avast antivirus
    Malwarebytes antimalware
    both free from a site where all software offered has been tested prior to posting

  2. [M]Veyron said :

    u use kaspersky in windows xp is ok, in windows 7 also ok, but on vista, 71 MB of ram gone just like that.u notice that it scan non stop just because it got good malware scanner. i recommend u to try norton internet security 2010. eat 24MB of ram, superior anti malware, smart firewall system + sonar protection from norton 360 and intrusion prevention against hacker.


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