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Does limewire make your computer slow? If it does what else can i use?

I want to get songs that you dont have to pay a dollar each time for. i also dont want to down load something that will make my computer slow. i want to get songs but i just got a new laptop. i dont want it to be slow already.

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6 Responses to “Does limewire make your computer slow? If it does what else can i use?”

  1. pillonatoox3 said :

    uhm, i have limewire ; and it doesnt make my computer slow . people say it does, but id think so. because like my mom woulld complain and say that it was limewire. but, once we deleted like the other users ; then my computer was like really “fast” so, no i really donnot think it does ; especially the new limewire ;] gooodlucck.

  2. Michael said :

    I think you should download some type of virus protection.
    Not all of the files have viruses only a VERY select few
    I think they will give you 50 songs for free anyway
    The only reason your computer will be slow is if you download lots of files

  3. JIM said :

    Why do you resent paying a dollar?
    The artist spent a lot of time and money making the song (his “job”) and he expects to make money from it (his “salary”). Legal download sites pay fees to either ASCAP or BMI and a portion of these fees gets back to the artist as royalties. Free download sites pay nothing and so the artist gets nothing.
    iTunes charges 99 cents per track and that is reasonable.
    People using dubious sites to download songs by their “favorite” artist are actually stealing from their “favorite” artist by depriving him/her of royalties to which he/she is entitled.
    Would you really go into a music store, pick up a CD and walk out without paying?

  4. eclipse_rs98 said :

    if its new DO NOT DOWNLOAD LIMEWIRE limewire is almost a guaranteed virus trust me my girlfriend download it like 5 times and destroyed the computer 5 times to a point I had to completely rebuild it. if you want your computer to live don’t use limewire k.

  5. Kevin G said :

    DEFINITELY YES. Limewire slows you down really bad and notorious for vruses. Use Ares instead.

  6. uxyeqscggt said :

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