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Does putting a lot of video games on your computer slow it down?

I’ve always heard that a lot of videos games on your computer will make it run slower. Does anyone know if this is true?

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5 Responses to “Does putting a lot of video games on your computer slow it down?”

  1. help meeme said :


  2. thomas10soa said :


    it totaly fucks your comp up, once your done with a game uninstall it dont keep it

  3. rabid_scientist said :

    Depends on the operating system and how full your harddrive is. If you have lots of hard drive space, you’re in good shape. But if you are running Windows 98, leaving a lot of games (programs in general) installed makes your registry file huge and so slows things down. Best to get them off if you aren’t going to use them for a long time. Later versions of Windows, if you aren’t pushing your hard drive capacity, it won’t matter.

  4. slverfox said :

    Well, in some ways yes. If the video program gathers updates daily, it should slow it down in a way. Unless, if your talking memory wise, if you have less the the minimum amount of memory that the computer needs to run. Then OF CORSE!!!!

  5. bose said :


    don put every thing on the desktop
    keep those things in ur hard drives only


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