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Does ripping music on your computer slow it down?

Not while it’s ripping, but do the extra files or kb’s slow down your computer?

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6 Responses to “Does ripping music on your computer slow it down?”

  1. Dave said :

    Not really. I have 16,528 mp3 files, 280 music videos, about 30 full length live concerts on DVD that I ripped, along with 14,500 pictures on my computer and it still runs like a top.

    Not only that, but my computer acts as a backup server for 3 other desktop computers in the house. So I’ve got everybody elses shit on here… and even still my system runs pretty quick.

  2. blamay22000 said :

    Yes and no. Your processor runs at the same speed but when you multitask, your programs must share the processor. This slows down the programs.

  3. Raymond NG said :

    Yes, It does. It’s up what kind of software are you using, then how much RAM, CPU that software need to share to do ripping.

  4. Jeff_Windows_Team said :

    For the most part, your computer’s speed depends on processor speed, RAM, and the size of your hard drive. Downloading songs will fill your hard drive and can eventually slow your computer down. If you see your computer slowing down, it may not be a bad idea to buy an external hard drive to store some of your files on.

    Windows Outreach Team

  5. Peacemaker said :

    Not it wont slow down the computer but if the ripped files get fragmented, then disk access will be slower, and in some cases the music/video can skip or stutter. So, make sure the hard drives are nicely defragged after you’ve finished ripping.

    I use Diskeeper 2009 pro on both my XP systems to keep the drives defragged automatically in the background. It’s the best defrag utility I’ve used. has free trial versions if you want to check it out.

  6. Shawn said :

    Yes it does slow your computer down, as your hard drive fills.. your computer will slow down. Buy an external HD. Transfer your music and large files and you will be fine.


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