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Does taking up storage space in your hard drive slow your computer down?

From what i heard, there is memory and there is storage. Having an old computer will be sluggish because of the RAM. But if you have lots of RAM but you have like 25mbs left in your hard drive, will it slow it down?

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9 Responses to “Does taking up storage space in your hard drive slow your computer down?”

  1. tinkterfer said :

    Your _computer_ will be fast, but your _operating system_ (example: Windows) will be slow.

    Delete unnecessary and temp system files, delete invalid registry entries, and defrag your hard drive – those are the ways to keep your operating system running fast.

    It’s not recommended to fill your hard drive over 75-80%

  2. Drew said :

    Yes .

  3. Zac H said :

    Yes, if u have vista move the data to 😀 because thats the back up drive so store your stuff there

  4. said :

    Yes. Having that little space left is crazy. Your computer could start having a variety of problems.

    The more data on a hard drive, the more the heads have to move to load data to/from the hard drive. More fragmentation occurs.

    You should always try to have a few gigs free. Not having appropriate space can cause several errors. Your internet cache could fill up to more than allotted (since you’re out of space), .tmp files continue being created, your paging file will start having issues, Recycle Bin could have issues, loading your profile in general.

    A good starting point would be to clear your temporary internet files to clear up some space.

    Then, download CCleaner at and let it clean up all the old junk files.

    Consider picking up an external drive to backup old files, music, etc. to.

    Hope that helps!

  5. john said :

    Of course, computer software consumes a space even when it started booting up your OS. CACHE files is always present everytime you perform something in your computer (e.g. opening a MS Word, Media Player, etc).
    With limited number of disk space, computer slows down because it finds a space for your action to take place.
    For the meantime, you can perform DEFRAGMENT to your DRIVES to FREE and ORGANIZE the sectors of your drives.. 😀

  6. nitram9857 said :

    The short answer is no but the drive must be kept in good condition by defaging and keeping all temp files to the minimum, a bigger drive is easy to fit and as somebody said best to keep it less than75 to 80%.25 MBs is nowhere near enough space.The computer needs space to swap and organise its self. Clean it all out, start with a disk clean-up,and then run CCcleaner to remove the rubbish.. Defrag at least twice. Defraggler is a good defragmenter as it shows you the fragmented files,empty folders etc.. that it cannot defrag then you can delete manualy if you want.

  7. sNYDER said :

    yup so go and delete some stuff you dont need not the stuff your computer needs

  8. hather said :

    An overloaded HDD can slow things down. Its also likely to be fragmented and the combination can retard speed. You can try running a diskcleanup and free up some space (atleast 15% is needed for a defrag). Or download one of the automatic defraggers that can complete the task with as less as 5% free space.

  9. july girl said :

    Learn how to clean up your computer and speed it up here:
    Good luck!


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