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How can a Wifi antenna booster increase the wireless connection performance?

Hi, I have situation here where my laptop and the wifi router are separated with walls and cause the connection to fail. I am thinking of replacing the wireless router’s antenna with an antenna booster, probably 10dBi. I believe this antenna will be able to penetrate the signal through the walls to my laptop. But I doubt that, will this antenna be able to receiver the returning signal from my laptop, if I don’t do any upgrade to my laptop?

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2 Responses to “How can a Wifi antenna booster increase the wireless connection performance?”

  1. NT3GR!S guy said :

    How many walls separate your laptop and the wireless router? The standard wireless router can penetrate several walls. Your wireless router is probably a 2.4GHz frequency which is like today’s wireless telephones.

    Yes the antenna booster will increase the signal strength, but just be sure you don’t have another issue before spending your money on the antenna booster.

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