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How can I access my PC when I am away from home?

We are going on a fairly long trip and I would like to keep in touch with my e-mail while I am gone. The hotel has PCs in their rooms for private use. What steps do I take to reach my PC?

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3 Responses to “How can I access my PC when I am away from home?”

  1. Jess said :

    There are so many options..GoTyMyPC etc. but if you do not want to spend on remote softwares (in the long run) use your built in Remote Desktop.

    You have to consider strict security measures though.

  2. Serena said :

    There are a number of ways to log into your office computer from a distant location
    • Set up your host computer for access from a remote location. The host computer is the computer you wish to access from another location. In most cases, you will need to download the host software and authorize it to enable access from a remote computer.

    You want to start with the host computer because the client computer will be searching for it when you are setting it up.
    • Set up your client computer. The client computer is the one that will be accessing the host computer. This could be your home computer accessing your office files, or your laptop accessing your home or work computer. The client computer will be logging on to the host computer through the Internet.
    • Finish setting up your remote access by logging into your host computer. This gives you the opportunity to test settings before going to a remote location, which enables you to troubleshoot issues such as firewall protection or password authorization before the host computer is out of reach from the client computer.

    and for more technical help visit

  3. Juvenile Arachnid said :

    TEAMVEIWER google it! I use it all the time, you need to make sure you get all the information off your pc, and leave the pc on.


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