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How can i access wifi without a password?

Hello all.
I’ve Got a question < obiviously Just wanted to know how can i connect to wifi areas without the need of a password?? Is there any Programs that can do this for me? Thanks for your time Best answer will be choosen 🙂

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5 Responses to “How can i access wifi without a password?”

  1. ?! said :

    i don’t think you would want to do that because its stealing. But there are some areas called hot spots were you can get in for free and its legal. Go to a place like a cafe or hotel. There are free hot spots there.

  2. Dannii said :

    it is illegal to steal someones wifi if it is a secured network, however, not alot of people secure their wifi with a password, these come up as unsecure networks. you can sometimes get the internet off of these, it just depends. Technically it isnt stealing because if the person cared so much they would password protect it.

  3. Michael said :

    Where a password isn’t needed, you can use that wi-fi (assuming it is for the public, and not accidentally left unprotected). Do be wary of honeypots though.

    Where a password is required for connection, you can’t bypass it. The password is required for encrypting and decrypting data to and from the access point.

  4. Mr C Ment said :

    you would need a 4.0 usb wireless card to hack

  5. NS...NM... said :

    uh umm… There isn’t a password in creation that cannot be broken… to think otherwise is to think foolishly.
    Doing so and using someone’s wifi network connection is titled “illegal” in some states and countries. securing a wifi connection is being “selfish” (I’m paying for it, why can’t they do the same!).
    that’s just an Internet company’s scheme in making money.
    However enough with the old talk.
    Take a read here: []
    and you can try BackTrack 3/4 for Linux.
    Illegal… What a laugh.


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