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How can I block caller id ?

If you want your number not to appear every time you make a call, you can do it by blocking your caller id. Most smart phones have this kind of feature, but regular phones have to call their service providers or phone company to get this service. In caller id blocking, you can choose from permanent block for a certain number or have it for just a certain amount of time. This service is available for both cellular phones and landlines.

First, make a decision whether you want ‘permanent blocking’ or you want to have an option to show your number to some people at all times. If you have your caller id activated, you have to key in certain number codes before the number you are calling to keep your own number from showing on the receiver’s caller ID. if you think that you would find it hard to remember the codes, might as well get the permanent block to make it easier for you. Then, if you want your number to show up to the phone you are calling with caller id block activated in your phone, you have to key in *82 to make your number visible.

Another way is to call your phone company or service provider to do the caller id block directly from their system. They will alter the system for you to keep your number from showing to a certain number or for all the outgoing call that you make. There are companies that will charge you for this request and some do not. These charges and the service vary from system to system.

Remember that regardless of the caller-id block service that you have or the service provider you are on, your number will still appear whenever you call a toll-free number such as 800 and 900 numbers as well as the emergency call that you make. You can use *67 before the number you want to call and your number will not show up on their phones and if you want it to be visible again, key in *82 prior to the number you are calling.

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