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How can I block unknown numbers ?

Nowadays, receiving calls from an unknown number are more frequent than before. Most telemarketing companies, business professionals and creditors utilize number blocking services mostly for outbound calls. The main problem is that it is more complicated to call back telemarketers and ask them to take your number out of their list or track a harassing caller.

If you do not want to receive any more unknown calls, you can call your service provider or telephone company regarding their number blocking service, if it is available even if you are out of your local calling area, get an inbound call blocker to your phone. In this case, all calls that you will receive will be screened. If the caller knows the code that you programmed, which they will if you gave it to them, then they can go through the call. If the caller does not know the code, it automatically blocks the caller from going through.

You can also use the call screen service. Provided by your telephone company, call screen works once activated and by dialing *60, you can block any unwanted numbers from calling you. When you get an unknown number calls, this works by saving the number and pressing *60 and the number is blocked, even a ring through will no longer work.

Another service offered by telephone companies is anonymous call rejection service. This service blocks all incoming calls if the caller’s phone is set in private number mode. Your phones have features that enable it to hide your number to the person you are calling. If you have the service, the caller must change the settings on their phone first before they can get through the call. In this case, their number already appears in your phone screen. Remember to read your phone’s manual to other service that you can use.

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2 Responses to “How can I block unknown numbers ?”

  1. Laisseraller said :

    Can’t block unknowed phone calls! according to AT&T.
    We can only block numbers that are known to you and the only
    way we can do that is threw our at&t smart limits for $4.99 a month.
    With smart limits you can block up to 15 numbers.

    Unfortunately, if the owner of the phone number that is calling you has
    a private or blocked number, AT&T is not able to determine the number
    calling your phone. Our system logs this call as an unknown number.

    We have no means of blocking unknown numbers from calling your wireless
    number. If it is necessary for this number to not contact you, we are
    able to change your mobile number.

  2. Laisseraller said :

    The solutions that you mentions only work if the caller uses a listed phone# most of these caller use a service to make sure their ID is safegarded and cannot be blocked. They use different phone# from a bank of phone# to be use for this purpose. Their needs to be a agency setup just to stop these practices. and make it a crime to use it.


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