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How can I browse and edit my other PC’s files that is on my wireless network?

I am going to put one of my PCs in my garage. It will be connected to my wireless connection and it will be a server PC so it will be on 24/7. I don’t really want to keep on going out to my garage everytime I need to edit some of the files so how do I access them with my indoor PC?


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4 Responses to “How can I browse and edit my other PC’s files that is on my wireless network?”

  1. Gez said :

    You can do a few things…

    1) Share the folders on the garage PC by right clicking the folder you want to share, go to properties, sharing, then share the folder. If your network is set up properly, you can go to network places on other systems and access the folder

    2) set up the garage pc as an FTP server. I use The Personal FTP Server. its free

    3) Use UVNC. This will give you full remote control and file transfers from anywhere and its 100% free. I use UVNC on all of my systems. I recommend this option for your situation. Once you have UVNC configured on your garage PC, you dont even need a monitor, keybrd, or mouse because you access it remotely. I have a PC in my office setup this way and it works fantastic.

  2. trb331 said :

    Gez is right. I’m just hoping your garage is secure

  3. 360 Boy said :

    Screw Gez, Heres Some Real Instructions.

    Before Doing Any Of This, Disable All Of Your Security!

    Setting It Up:

    Step 1) Right Click on My Computer on the Desktop or Start Menu

    Step 2) Select Properties

    Step 3) Near the Top, Select The Tab, Computer Name

    Step 4) Look for The Button Labeled CHANGE

    Step 5) Click on CHANGE

    Step 6) Nevermind The Computer Name

    Step 7) Change the Workgroup Name To Something Unique
    example: Family123987 or something like that

    Step 8) Go to All The Computers on The Network, Laptops and All, and Do Steps 1 – 7.

    Accessing Files:

    Make Sure All Your Security Is Still Disabled

    On Any Computer, Put Files That You Want to Edit Into The Shared Documents Folder, Any Files That You Want To View or Edit Have to Be In Here

    Step 1) Go to Any Computer That You Set-Up.

    Step 2) Go to Start Menu, Click on My Network Places.

    Step 3) If My Network Places is Not On The Start Menu,
    Go To My Documents and Click On My Network Places on The Left.

    Step 4) On the Left Panel of My Network Places, Click View Workgroup Computers.

    Step 5) Click On Whatever Computers Files You Want To See

    Step 6) Any Files You Want To Edit Are All In Here

    If you want to know how to share a printer on your network e-mail me.

  4. Cluster said :

    Make sure you share all drives and folders on the pc your putting in the garadge mate. Otherwise you will be in and out like a yoyo . I have two servers on my network and they are locked up in a cupboard in my loft but i have made mine so i need a password to access each server so nobody elce can just take what they want. Good luck mate.


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