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How can I can change my home wifi from dhcp to assign a permanent IP?

My laptop automatically connects to my work wifi but when I go home, i have to manually connect it. How do I configure my home wifi to connect automatically like my work wifi?

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4 Responses to “How can I can change my home wifi from dhcp to assign a permanent IP?”

  1. Humza M said :

    Where you change the IP above it, it gives you the option of obtain Ip automatically

  2. johnplusthree said :

    Each wifi router is different, but you should be able to access the router from a computer that is directly connected to it through an ethernet connection. Most wifi routers connect through a browser interface, but the actual address will depend on your model. You should be able to change the settings from there.

    Why do you want to change it? The supporting part of your question does not really match.

    The second question depends on which computer you are using. When you are at home and you are manually connecting, you should look for an option or checkbox that says something like “remember this network.” If this is a laptop from your work, it is possible that you do not have admin privileges on your computer and you may not be able to change this setting. Good luck.

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