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How can I clean my camcorder lense ?

One of the most delicate part of a camcorder is its lens and extreme cautious is needed while cleaning. Though most camcorder lenses needs seldom cleaning, when they do, careful process needs to be followed and should be taken seriously. it is very easy to clean camcorder lens, here are some steps to do this task properly.

First you should know what makes your camcorder lens dirty, normally, it come from dirt, dust and fingerprints. The most common way to clean lens is by blowing it, but this method is just for dust and dirt, make sure you check it again if it is still dirty. You might need some cleaning materials to take fingerprints in your camcorder lens like cleansing cloths.

Fingerprints stays on the lens even after blowing, the oil on the hands makes the dirt of your fingers sticks on the lens. You can visit shops that specialized on camcorders or cameras for cleansing cloth made especially for sensitive lenses that you can use. Gently wipe fingerprints and stubborn dirt in your lens, do not push to hard for you might damage the protective coat on the lens’ surface.

You can use brush with soft bristles to clean your camcorder lens, you can also purchase one in shops. Lightly brush the surface of your lens to take dirt off; again, applying over pressure may damage the coating of your lens. Remember to ask for instructions for the correct application of the cleaning materials that you want to use to ensure the lens safety.

When buying for cleaning materials, you can bring your camcorder with you for most camcorder brands have cleaning materials specifically made for them. And to keep your camcorder lens clean, remember to put the lens cap every time your camcorder is not in use.

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