How can i connect my pc to my tv to use the tv as a monitor ?

my tv has an svideo input but my pc does not, is there a lead that will go in the back of the pc in the port thr monitor cable goes ? that i can connect to my tv ?

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4 Responses to “How can i connect my pc to my tv to use the tv as a monitor ?”

  1. Kyle said:

    Yeah. you can probably pick up an adapter at the local Radio Shack.

  2. Fam-E said:

    Depends if your pc is HDMI accesible if not then i think its an s-video cable you need. If it is HDMI accessible then you might wanna check if your tv is, and vice versa witht the s-video.

  3. asilancair said:

    you can look on ebay or a local computer store and get a video card that has an s-video out on it, or even a video out ( cable type). they are cheap.
    just to let you know, unless you have an lcd or plasma tv, then watching a computer screen on tv is not all that clear. its good to watch movies and so on, but not for typing.

  4. Philip T said:

    Get an adapter like this one:

    VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor ($4.99)

    FYI – connecting to a TV for viewing videos or playing games is okay, however, for viewing text the resolution will never be as good as a PC monitor.

    Philip T


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