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How can i connect my wifi enabled phone to my wifi enabled laptop?

My phone is Nokia E71 which has WLAN support. the same is true for my DELL latitude D630. I can access internet on my laptop using my phone creating a wifi hotspot using the software (Joikuspot). But is there a way to connect to my phone so that i can exchange files between my phone and laptpo using wifi?

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5 Responses to “How can i connect my wifi enabled phone to my wifi enabled laptop?”

  1. jwalker095 said :

    Wifi might be a bit more difficult. Have you tried using bluetooth for file transfer?

  2. yourself488 said :

    share the documents you want to exchange, go to propeeties of the documents and click the share properties.

  3. Josh said :

    I am an IT tech and i run a network of 532 computers. Just get a cheap wi-fi router off of and you can connect them both together. Bluetooth might be better. email me for anything anytime [email protected]

  4. mahainderr said :

    can i know wifi and bluetooth are the same technology and can i connect internet my bluetooth enabled phone to wifi enabled laptop

  5. Mamoon ur Rasheed said :

    is it possible to transfer file from my e71 to my computer through wifi. Or vice versa


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