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How can I connect to free wifi hotspots with my laptop?

I’m talking about free wireless in cafes, pubs, parks etc. I have tried once and my laptop said it was connected but it wasn’t. Do I need anything other than the password of the internet service?
My laptop is pretty new, it has wireless lan and everything. At home I connect through wireless router.

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3 Responses to “How can I connect to free wifi hotspots with my laptop?”

  1. mr_scotsguy said :

    You should be able to pick up the wireless network in a cafe or place were WiFi is available as long as you have a wireless card installed in your laptop. Check this website for more information.

  2. Helping Since 1969 said :

    simply use the wireless utility ot scan for networks, when yu see the one you want to connect to then select it, if it requires a password or key, enter it if you have it, if not it won’t connect, if its an unsecured connection (doesn’t require a key or passphrase) it should just connect….now if you are running Vista, it has to identify the network as home, office or public and won’t actually allow internet access until its identified and sometimes that part takes a couple of minutes to come up. If running XP or some other OS it may be your security settings and you’ll need to adjust those to defaults, or you may need to go into the wirless utility to look for networks. Sometimes the wireless utility is set to only connect to a specific network and not look for or connect to any other networks. Wording is different depending on what system you use but the settings are all the same.

  3. seo uzmani said :

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