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How can I connect to my landladies WiFi?

My landlady has forgotten the passkey for her WiFi network! Is there any way I can bypass this and connect without plugging my Laptop into the router? Can I change the security settings of the network whilst plugged in?

HELP! I have to sit on the landing to use the internet, and It’s really cold here!

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8 Responses to “How can I connect to my landladies WiFi?”

  1. fallenjuggalo said :

    Nope, to get past the security, you either have to know the password, or connect straight to the Router via cable.

  2. m&fn princess said :

    No, go back to your house. Buy your own router.

  3. dwags said :

    If you have the password to the router, you will need to physically connect to the router with a cable, go to the router configuration page ( usually something like ), use the router password to log in, and then re-set the wireless passkey (usually under something like Wireless Security Settings).

    Good luck!

  4. zosofrank said :

    You can’t without sniffing the key, (too much work) or just plugging straight in. You can get a list of default admin passwords for router here.

    If she changed the admin password a hard reset is about all that is available. Little button you press in with a pencil head or pen head.

  5. colanth said :

    1) so you might not want to use her wifi, and she may not want you to. Your prison cells might be colder than the landing.

    2) Just reset the router and set up a new password.

  6. mat118 said :

    try ‘password’ as the password or ‘admin’ without the comma things obviously, see if that works.

  7. dgaguine said :

    If your landlady has a wireless connection then you can use this utility on her laptop to recover the password

    If you change the wireless settings then you will have to reconfigure all the wireless peripherals

    The pass key is sometimes on a sticker under the router

  8. Lorne said :

    You’d have to reset the router


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