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How can I figure out the password of the wifi network saved on my comp?

My dad has a routater in the house and i saved it on my comp along time ago; but now i want to use the wifi for my ipod. My dad and I have both forgotten the password to unlock the wifi. Is there anyway I can figure it out from what’s on my laptop?

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3 Responses to “How can I figure out the password of the wifi network saved on my comp?”

  1. DaveEC said :

    Press the reset button on the wifi router to get it to factory settings. Then set it up again. If you do not have the setup instructions make sure you download that from the maker’s website for your model before you do that.

  2. said :

    I think you are not to provide full details we need to solve this issue,

    You said password, i think that is WEP or WAP Shared Key, Authentication Shared Key, to access wireless connection from your router.

    Now you have to look in your laptop for Wireless Connection settings or configuration.

    There in configuration or settings you have to look for WEEP or WAP or Shared Key or Authentication Shared Key,

    In box you will see value in stars of dots. ******* or ……. wich is unreadable.

    Now you have to search for a free software to view passwords

    See Password 2.05 is one of those softwares.

    A little search on Yahoo will bring you many other free softwares for this task.


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  3. Fhcn said :

    to all. this video is true as it just tries the default proswsad of some routers and in this case i think was thomson . so just chill guyz.and this app is for can find the same in android by just some basic searching


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