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How can I find educational software ?

Educational software are for all ages, however most are usually geared for children. The designs of educational software provide the users to learn and explore in new concept while giving accurate information in different kinds of format. Educational software can be in a form of game for children, in an encyclopedia style for adults, or in any format wanted by the designer to stimulate and encourage users.

You may find it hard to get good educational software, however you can ask someone depending on the type of educational software you are looking for. If the software is meant for kids, you can get some help from librarian and teachers for some assistance for most of them receive review copies and have access to networks that provides quality software. In addition, teachers know the best way your child can be more interested in education and can recommend good software.
You can also check review publications and sites online. Many parenting sites and magazines have sections for reviews where they share comments and information about educational software. You will find out the software that fits your need by reading shared insights about the product and know how effective they are.

Directly asking other parents is also a good idea for finding good educational software. Making friends with other parents makes a good and supportive community network, which is very important. Consider asking other parents about software they think is particularly good. You may also get the chance to test out the software and see how appropriate and usable it is.
You can ask attendant in software stores and you might find some who is actually using one. By asking, you can easily find how to use the software as well as the other materials covered by the educational software. They also might have recommendations if you tell them who will be using the software you are looking for.

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3 Responses to “How can I find educational software ?”

  1. wpeterson said :

    i don’t understand the educational software you mention. in my mind, most educational software is built to create or author the computer-based or web-based contents such as flash games for kids to learn the world. and it’s really not that difficult to find these softwares for parents.

    do we need any softwares for kids to use, or any for us to make something to educate kids? for example, i install an edu app called quizcreator ( and make some funny questions for my kids to answer, but my kids don’t need to know any apps, but reading and clicking the quiz game i created.

    so i don’t recommend any educational software for kids, becoz i think the softwares are for parents. just ask other parents to know are my words right or not.

    – william

  2. zat said :

    i think the article serves as a guide for the parents.

  3. Miamaria said :

    You can find good free educational software and games at


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