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How can I flash the bios to my old dell pc to overclock?

I have an old dell pc sitting around and I want to have some fun. Its a Pentium 3, with floppy, and stock parts and well, old, lol. Im not computer illiterate, just bios flashing illiterate. I know that dell locks all overclocking options. So is there a bios that is compatible with this dell mobo that will work on it?

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One Response to “How can I flash the bios to my old dell pc to overclock?”

  1. Albundy said :

    Bios flashing mean update a new version into the old, that still be recognized as a dell, when you replaced the bios chip that motherboard became a barebone, that do not will no recognized dell anymore and your settigns.
    And overcloking mean push the procesor little bit higher than it will suppose to work, and for that old bios give the options that save the settigns in a flopy that in case do not work for you you can go back.
    Get the manual of you mobo to you can learn what it is capable and work from there, if it was me i will use as a backup server or to try a new operator like Linux that will help you better.


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