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How can I get my wifi password off my ipod touch?

I can’t find my wifi password and I need to hook my new phone up to my internet at my house. My iPod touch is already hooked up to my network. Is there any way to get my passord from my iPod?

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3 Responses to “How can I get my wifi password off my ipod touch?”

  1. Tech said :

    No clue about the password and iPod touch.

    However, if you go to a computer on your network, click Start and then RUN.

    Type cmd and press enter.

    At the command prompt, type ipconfig and press enter.

    Your computer will print some words and numbers. Your interest is in the Gateway.

    Open your web browser. Type in replacing x’s with the numbers you see after Gateway and press enter. Your browser should then be directed to the interface within the router allowing you to see what the passkey is.

    IT Tech

  2. Lil man said :

    You can’t do it and it sucks that’s what happened with my computer

  3. Sophie said :

    Heey guys , well ive had mine since christmas day ive tryed every possible password on my hub n it still not connecting to interenet any ideas ?


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