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How can I share wireless internet on a pc to a mac via crossover cable?

Currently the PC next to me has wireless and my mac has no wireless card. I would like to share the internet connection via crossover cable to my mac.

Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “How can I share wireless internet on a pc to a mac via crossover cable?”

  1. i_d_o_n_t_e_x_i_s_t said :

    You would probably need to put the mac near the wireless router and plug it in directly.

  2. Jennifer S said :

    idk. get a router or a switch or something.

  3. Hansel Jr said :

    Dont you have airport your can use airport to configure your internet settings with the modem

  4. Zuka said :

    Huh? Wireless means you don’t need the cable. I have a pc and a mac and only have one wireless router. The connection doesn’t differnetiate between platforms.

    If you can’t get into the web with one of them, it means you don’t have a wireless PCI card in that computer.

    Instead of getting a card and opening up your hard drive to install (although this isn’t all that hard on a pc—just find a vacant PCI slot), you can get a plug-and-play wireless adapter stick from Staples that you simply plug right into an external USB slot.

    I have one on my PC and it works great!

  5. jct101 said :

    You need to configure the network settings on your PC to share the network using whatever management software you have.

    For vanilla xp try this set of instructions:

    At step 8 you want to select that other computers connect through your computer. You may need to change some of the IP addresses or for more specific instructions try this document:

    The key is to look for “Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)”

    On the mac side you just plug in and set the network prefs to whatever the pc is handing out and use the pc as the gateway.

  6. Delvala said :

    I love you.


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