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How can I transfer files between my PC and mobile phone using a wireless network?

Here’s the problem: my phone has bluetooth but my PC does not. My PC has infrared but my phone does not. The only thing they have in common is Wireless connection. I want to transfer mp3 from my PC to my mobile phone. I tried sending it to my YM mail and opening it on my phone but it still didn’t work. Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “How can I transfer files between my PC and mobile phone using a wireless network?”

  1. edson david said :

    You can buy a usb bluetooth for you PC.

  2. Matthias said :

    There really is no way to transfer the things that you have on a bluetooth phone, to a computer that does not have the bluetooth option on it. My best suggestion would be to go over to somebodies house that you know has a bluetooth enabled computer and try transferring it there. Or you can always buy a new computer that has Bluetooth on it, but that is taking it to extremes. Once you have transferred the files to the persons computer…email it, so that you can access it from your computer. Make sure that after it is transferred(if it’s private stuff or information) to permanently delete it from his/her computer.

  3. john j said :

    using bluetooth adapter, you can transfer files between PC and phone.


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