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How can I transfer the music on my old PC to the new PC I have purchased?

I have purchased a new PC and I am in the process of backing up all my documents to discs to transfer to my new PC. However the music on my old PC takes up too much disc space to justify copying it to discs. [ it would take over 10 discs] I would like to somehow save my music. But how?
So..I can use dvd-rw discs to copy?
Thanks so much!

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7 Responses to “How can I transfer the music on my old PC to the new PC I have purchased?”

  1. Henry S said :

    get a flash drive, would be easier. get a 16GB that might be ok

  2. bsmith13421 said :

    slave the old hardrive into the new pc and copy everything over or copy it to an external drive and copy it onto a the new pc

  3. Am_Lost said :

    ok duck

    there is many ways to do that…. first you can use a flash memory with a higher GB

    you can transfer them through blue tooth. this will take some time.
    you can use a reversal network cable (Advanced users). very fast.
    you can use your old HD as a slave unit (Advanced users) . more faster.
    you can use your network connection to share files (Advanced also).

    good luck you ducky duck….

  4. da_hal said :


    1. direct transfer: through a router, have the new computer copy whatever you want directly.

    2. dvd: i’m assuming it would take 10 cd’s. that should all fit on 1 dvd.

    3. RW: if you have a re-writable drive, you only need 1 disc.

    4. thumb drive: 16-20 gig thumb drives are pretty cheap now, i see them for ~$20 at walmart or office depot.

  5. torosjordan said :

    Luckily a Very easy job :

    purchase a flash/memory stick drve and insert into USB port,Select music you want to copy and drag into flash/memory stick folder.

    **choose me as the best answer**

  6. artboy said :

    i just updated my ipod and synced it with my new computer but the same didnt work with my mom so she had to manually switch over her music by going to the itunes music folder on her new computer and dragging and dropping and organizing music from her flash drive

  7. Cortney Wolgast said :

    I enjoy all of the feedback here….


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