How can I use free WiFi?

I’ve recently bought a new laptop (Dell Studio 15) and don’t know much about it. In August I’m staying in an apartment that has free WiFi. It would be a big help to have internet access on the laptop. What do I have to ensure my laptop has to take advantage of this? I assume I have to install something into it… Please help.

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  1. KeyshaJ said:

    No you don’t have to install anything.

  2. topdn said:

    right click the icon in your task bar (looks like a tv) then click view available networks click on the network and click connect

  3. ADRIAN said:

    all u will need do is click network settings in control panel or bottom right bar will show wifi.
    Search for network!!!
    Then connetc to the apartments network.
    do not use banking etc from it, it can be accessed by other people in the apartments and most things probably will be restricted due to laws with 18 yr olds etc

  4. DAlbert K said:

    If you have a wirless NIC Laptob i’m pretty sure you can use free WIFI. But, you probably have to install a WIFI driver into it.

  5. Colin said:

    what os is it?

  6. Excessive MHz said:

    On the bottom right there is either a computer monitor with a cable icon or wireless bars.

    When you’re at the apartment, click this, and connect to the one that says “free wifi”, or something along those lines.

  7. johnny_killer said:

    You need to make sure your laptop has wireless integrated. If not, you’ll have to search for one and buy it.

    Firstly, take a look at the specs for your laptop on Google and see if it has wireless.

    After that, you can use this little program very easy to use in order to access Wi-Fi:

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  8. JoPP said:

    no you do not have to install any software onto it to connect to the internet(wireless router).
    windows xp, vista, 7 and mac all have the software built into the operating system.
    if you could verify the type of operating system you have it would help.
    but usually, (for xp and vista at least) go to control panel, and find network connections, go to “search for wireless networks in range” then enter password (if wireless router/network has password protected network). then you should be fine. you will have to talk to the person in charge of the networking as well, to see if “mac address filtering” is turned on on the router, and to find out what type of encryption the network uses for security(password), whether it is WEP, WPA, or WPA2, and see if your laptop supports it. if mac address filtering is turned on, the person who manages the network will have to enter your laptop’s “mac address” into the router.

  9. Yoselin said:

    omg i had the same problem i had gotten a mini netbook in december and didnt even know that i had wifi until today. yes its free and easy just click on little icon on the bottom left side of the screen and click on the one that says wireless network connection and click on the available network and you have internet hoped i helped


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