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How can I use my mp3 player with my car stereo ?

Most car stereos available have built in USB ports or a line-in jack where you can easily hook up your MP3 player or even a memory stick. Stereos with line-in jack can hook up MP# player with a 5mm stereo cable or the regular cable for your MP3. The navigation of songs will be directly from the MP3 player and the stereo deck will just serve as a speaker and amplifier. Stereo decks with USB ports need a card reader device for memory stick and the navigation will be available in the deck screen. Deck with line in jack is cheaper than deck with USB port. There will be no additional software built in on deck with line-in jacks for the MP3 player will do the task.

Having a stereo deck capable of playing MP3 player and memory sticks allow you to increase your music library for your car without the hustle of burning CDs. MP3 players on car also gives you hours of favorite song, especially if the player has playlist feature.

Some disadvantages of using an MP3 player in your car includes being hindered by the cables and hard navigation using a small device while driving. You can prevent these incidents from happening by preparing a song list in advance or setting the player on random play mode. You can also avoid cable tangles by setting up a cable long enough just to connect the line-in jack slot to where the player seats.

A car stereo with built-in USB ports will interface with MP3 players or memory stick. They have software capable of reading files and allow navigation. The main plus in decks with USB ports and capable for memory sticks is that there are no batteries needed to operate it, and memory sticks are definitely cheaper than MP3 players are. Make sure that when you purchase a deck with slots for USB or MP3 player, it is placed on the front of the deck for easy access.

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