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How can I wire speaker for the most load effectively ?

When you are wiring your speaker system, it is very to determine the load capacity. Making sure that you do not overpower your speakers and overusing your amplifier makes you speaker system work on its best. Follow these simple steps to properly wire your speaker system and get the most of its capabilities.

The first thing you should do is to read and understand what is written in the owner’s manual. Learn about the wattage you have to use for your speakers and amplifier. You can normally see the amount of watts an amplifier or a speaker needs on the back of the device. Check the ohms of the amplifier and make sure that the ohms you used for the speaker is not more than the ohms needed in the amplifier. There are two kinds of process to wire your speakers, the series and the parallel wiring; you can also use both on the same system.

In series wiring, there are separate wires for each speaker giving additive values to your speaker like eight ohms each giving you sixteen in total. In parallel wiring, the speakers are connected together before attaching it to the audio or power source. This method reduces the resistance like two eight-ohms speakers give you four in total. The process of combining the two methods of wiring allows you to keep a constant load by connecting sets of series wire in parallel. Different wiring methods for speakers are used to match the ohm ratings of amplifiers. If your speakers have higher ohms than your amplifier, you can use the combination or the parallel method. Proper wiring allows your amplifier to send less or the exact power to your speakers making it function at its best. If your stereo has more ohms rating than your speakers, you can apply the series wiring.

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