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How can you connect a laptop to a PC compatible TV wirelessly?

I an planning to buy a flat screen TV which is also suitable for use as a PC monitor. However, I would like to do this wirelessly if possible. If this is possible, from a technical point of view, what equipment will I need?

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5 Responses to “How can you connect a laptop to a PC compatible TV wirelessly?”

  1. stuntdouble_uk said :
  2. BeerTech® said :

    You can buy a Wireless VGA/TV converter. Not sure if making it wireless would affect the quality though.

  3. Pretorian said :

    Apart from the answers here I would email the manufacturer of your screen & outline what you want to do & ask advice. Then again your query may be on their FAQs.

  4. PCTech said :

    Here is the link for the exact product you are looking for. I trust this website for my purchase. If you decide to buy, let me know. I can send you a $10 coupon. [email protected]

  5. AKAMAN said :

    For an extremely easy wireless connection Try THIS


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