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How can you customise a pc case to make it look like a gaming case?

Im building a gaming pc and I want to customise the dull pc case I have. I want to paint it and put on a handle, as well as add better ventilation. Could you please suggest cheap and easy ways to customise it?

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3 Responses to “How can you customise a pc case to make it look like a gaming case?”

  1. Mercuri said :

    Black spray-paint is always good. Keep in mind that unless you’re VERY good at working metal, it’s going to look like you did it yourself anyway, so have fun with it. Paint the case with huge orange radioactive logos or something silly that you wouldn’t normally find on a store-bought case. The only limitation is your creativity.

  2. You did what? RTFM! said :

    Adhesive shelf paper would be cheap and easy to apply. Comes in all kinds of colors and designs.

  3. Minister of Truth said :

    UV paint is cool. You can put in see-thru acrylic panes on the side and top. There are kits available online. Google “computer moding”. There are a lot of companies on the first page that sell stuff like that. LED fan lights are cheap. Glow in the dark paints are also inexpensive. They make UV sensitive cables that light up with a UV light. There also are sleeves you can put over cables. I have acrylic on the top of my computer and it has about 20 good sized holes drilled into it and hot air really leaves in a hurry. Actually almosts feels like a bad air condition and I run a pretty hot Pentium D over clocked at 3.66ghz. Another cool thing is custom grill plates that go over some of the fans on the outside of the case. Those run from 99 cents to 20 dollars for the real fancy ones. Here are a couple sites I have gotten modding stuff from.
    good luck


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