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How can you find out your wifi password for your computer?

My friend is trying to find out because she got an ipod touch and wants to use her wifi for her comp.

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6 Responses to “How can you find out your wifi password for your computer?”

  1. Michael P said :

    On your routers Wireless Security Configuration page, the WiFi password is shown as letters and #’s (instead of the * that you see on the computer’s password page).

    A simple WEP protected setup’s password is usually a combination of 10 letters and/or numbers.

  2. Tim said :

    Your wifi password can best be obtained from your internet service provider. I don’t know what company you have but in Tampa, we have Brighthouse, and their passwords are usually the phone number that is associated with the account.

    My advice to you is to just try and contact your internet provider and see what they say.

    Note: Check the back of your modem aswell, sometimes the required code is there.

    Hope that helps,
    Tim Crosby

  3. aldrinsteven said :

    Be more specific? Is she trying to use her Ipod wifi so that her computer has internet or is it the other way around.

    — if she will use the wifi of her ipod for the computer-Good Luck

    — if she is trying to get the wifi settings on her pc so that she could connect with her ipod then check the box of the wifi router for the instructions about the password.

  4. A man said :

    All you do is look at the back of the router a alot of numbers and letters right well just look at ten of them that are set up in a line or serperate the numers from the letters and divie them in ten each.

  5. over thinking said :

    you all are overthinking what they are asking.
    For one, you should have the wifi PW from setting it up in the first place.
    Two, if u lost it go to your routers website and login, from there you shuold be able to see your acount name and password/change it
    three, if u never set up a password on your wifi it is probly blank, administrator, or password and u might wana get that all set up so no one is getting your info.
    four, you cant get the password from the computer via its not getting saved,keylogged
    five, if u duno WTF to do call customer support

  6. Margart Sato said :

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