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How do change my pc settings to go to certain sites?

I just got a new pc and certain sites I go to like limewire it says contact system administrator.
It’s my pc and I am the administrator.

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2 Responses to “How do change my pc settings to go to certain sites?”

  1. Brad B said :

    Is this your computer or a work one?
    Is it on a domain or a workgroup?

    What ever you are logging in with is set up as a user and not the Administrator.

    FInd out which account has Administrator privileges and use it, or while logged on as that administrator, bump up your privileges to administrator.

    If it is a work PC on a domain, I doubt anyone is going to give you privileges (I wouldn’t).

  2. ★Eric☆ said :

    Are you the Administrator account holder?

    Im guessing your have vista right?

    The best thing to do is turn off User Account Controls. They are a pain and block so many things that isnt even a harm.

    If you dont know how:
    Start, control panel, user accounts and family safety, user accounts, Turn use accounts on or off, Now.. uncheck the box and reboot.

    Then when you restart try it again.

    Now you will get a little red shileld showing in the taskbar and if u wanna get rid of that click it and click CHANGE THE WAY WINDOWS ALERTS ME.. then click DONT NOTIFY ME (somthing like that)

    If that isnt the fixture.. what antivirus are you using? Make sure the firewall isnt blocking it.

    Btw.. If you are going to use a p2p to download music.. you should try blubster (its free) its alot faster, safer and overall the best.

    Let me know if you need anymore help!


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