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How do I become an expert on WiFi in the home and on the Road?

I don’t know jack about WiFi and want to know how to get the very best WiFi at home, how to tweak my lap top for WiFi when I am out and about so I can watch movies and streaming video, and what hackers use to hack my WiFi and how to secure the network. Any ideas how to make that happen?

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2 Responses to “How do I become an expert on WiFi in the home and on the Road?”

  1. Colanth said :

    Study. There are millions of tutorials about all different subjects all over the internet. Learn to get the best results from search engines, look for tutorials, print them and read them when you’re sitting in a hotel room or a plane with nothing to do.

  2. David G. said :

    Like Colanth said, study. I’m just here throwing my 2 cents in to give you some direction on what.

    Although wireless does not have a solid, industry standard go-to study or certification track (yet) if it did it would the CWNP group. They offer entry, mid-level, and expert-level certification for vendor-neutral wireless topics, as well as specializations in security.

    Since you don’t know anything about wireless, I would suggest first picking up a beginners guide to networking (just so you can understand wireless networking a little easier), and for that I would recommend going to your local bookstore and looking under the Certification section of the IT area and finding a book on the Network+ certification. Once you’ve gone through that, pick up a book on the CWNA certification, the entry-level wireless certification offered by the CWNP group.


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