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How do I connect wirelesly to broadband with wifi laptop?

I have a wifi laptop but i cant connect wirelessly do I need a dongle to plug into the usb before it will connect? I have a wifi button above the keyboard but i have no way of knowing if its on or off! Please help I am new to this technology!
I have a router which has an ethernet and usb cable which i am using at the moment to connect.

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3 Responses to “How do I connect wirelesly to broadband with wifi laptop?”

  1. Tom H said :

    There may be a switch on your laptop to turn it on or you may need to click start,my network places,view network connections (left hand side) and enable wifi from there.

    Also, read this guide on setting up a router.

  2. Bob Bob said :

    you will have to use the cable that came with the router to set up the initial connection then once you’ve set it up just disconnect the cable and you should still be connected. remember to switch the wireless facility on in your laptop.
    if its a new computer it should pick up the signal automatically.

  3. Giuseppe Gheen said :

    TY a ton for blogging this, it was very handy and told very much


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