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How do i create a advanced work pc netowrk.?

I want a pc network at my work where say we have 12 computers and any user account can login to any pc on the network and the pcs save user data to the to a server and not the pc. Can you give a link on how to set a system up like this? The sort of network I am talking about is the on they would have in place in a school.

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3 Responses to “How do i create a advanced work pc netowrk.?”

  1. z3b3rd33 said :

    Well, that does kinda depend how the skewl gots it set-up, @ college – for example – the shutdown script formatted the hd, an it booted from ‘net, re-installing a personal copy o OS.

    But, just linking them, and being able to store on a centrally retrievable device is simple enough, Defining what hardware you will want will be harder than setting it up.

    As for links, You will 1’st need to decide what OS ur server going to work with, Then read the manuals for that software, be it Linux, or winhoes server.

  2. steve_loir said :

    Designing a computer network like you describe needs considerable knowledge.
    That is why people go to college and study Information Technology.
    It is also why you won’t find a simple website that tells you how to do all of it.

  3. maniacmartinuk said :

    It sounds like you want a Windows Domain with roaming profiles. You should probably get a pro in to do this


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